Web Development - Studio - Sullivan College of Technology and Design

Nothing says “old and outdated” more than a static, one-dimensional web page. So it's pretty impressive if you know how to design and develop sleek, interactive websites. Maximize your understanding of HTML5, CSS3 and WordPress and see what it's like to be a full-stack web developer with the Studio's web development track.

You'll learn the fundamentals of web design versus web development, and find out what engages and appeals to users. Learn to implement web elements such as sliders, video and pictures and code a website that focuses on YOU!

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What we did in 2017

  • June 12

    Day 1: See It!

    Welcome to the Studio

    Overview of Web Development vs. Web Design
    Field trip

  • June 13

    Day 2: Learn It!

    Intro to HTML5, CSS3 and WordPress

    Intro to Project

  • June 14

    Day 3: Build It!

    More WordPress!

    Install themes, create home pages and imbed videos and pictures

  • June 15

    Day 4: Enhance It!

    Implement web elements such as sliders, video and pictures

    Create your presentation

  • June 16

    Day 5: Show It!

    Final presentations, awards and lunch

    Studio Showcase

    Celebrate your success and show off your dynamic new website! Your family and friends are invited to this special showcase event to see what you have learned, designed and created at the Studio.