Robotics - Studio - Sullivan College of Technology and Design

Campers will spend time building and modifying simple machines with a goal of combining or automating them to complete a Chain Reaction Challenge. With that foundation, they will move on to build a basic robot that functions in teleoperated mode (remote control) and add original object manipulator assemblies to participate in a team-based competitive challenge (Robot Soccer). In the following days, campers will experiment with pre-programmed sensor functions and then complete individual programming challenges to customize sensor functions. They will then build and operate the full Clawbot IQ with Sensors and experiment with both a controller and autonomous programming to control it. On their final day of camp, students will focus on the Highrise Challenge, completing a teleoperated mode (remote control) version of the challenge in the morning, then optimizing their robot and programming throughout the day to compete in an autonomous mode Highrise Programming Challenge at the end of their camp experience.

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Studio Agenda
  • June 11

    Day 1: See It

    Discussion: What is a Robot?
    Learning Activity - Gear and Gear Ratios
    Learning Activity - Drivetrain and Object Manipulator
    Field trip to Ford

  • June 12

    Day 2: Let's Get Moving

    Chain Reaction Challenge
    Learning Activity – Standard Drive Base
    Learning Activity – Standard Drive Base with Object Manipulator
    Learning Activity – Standard Drive Base with lifting Mechansim

    Robot Soccer – Challenge Criteria and Robot Optimization
    Robot Soccer Tournament

  • June 13

    Day 3: On Autopilot and Claw Time

    Learning Activity – Autopilot Robot
    Learning Activity – Distance
    Learning Activity – Gyro Sensor Default and Programming Task
    Learning Activity – Clawbot IQ
    Learning Activity – Clawbot IQ with sensors Task - Autonomous

  • June 14

    Day 4: Connect It With Sensors

    Learning Activity – Clawbot with sensors Task - Hybrid
    Highrise Challenge

    Highrise Exhibition Games

  • June 15

    Day 5: Show It

    9:00 – 10:00   Final Preparations for Presentationsbr
    10:00 -11:30   Presentation of Projects to Mom and Dad
    11:30 – 2:00   Lunch and Presentation of Awards
       2:00   Good Bye and hope you had fun.