Graphic Design - Studio - Sullivan College of Technology

You will be immersed in the role of a graphic designer and humanitarian by creating a Public Service Announcement (PSA) Campaign! In an action-packed week, you will pick an issue you feel strongly about, create a campaign and all its branding materials, and learn how to effectively communicate your message.

Take home portfolio worthy artwork, learn to screen print your own t-shirts, brainstorm user experience in brand creation, explore print & digital mediums, and become a part of a larger community where you can make a difference.

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What we did in 2017

Studio Agenda
  • June 12

    Day 1: Graphic Design 101

    i. Field trip

    ii. Project Proposals

  • June 13

    Day 2: The Brief and Print Technologies

    i. Develop Traditional Print Ads

    ii. Discover Printing Technologies and Project Planning

  • June 14

    Day 3: Print & Digital Technologies

    i. Screen-Printing

    ii. Create Digital Advertising

  • June 15

    Day 4: Development & Completion

    i. Implement Design Layouts

    ii. Print, Complete & Polish artwork

  • June 16

    Day 5: The Launch

    i. Prepare for Presentations

    ii. Celebrate your success!


    i. Screen printed T-Shirt

    ii. USB Drive with digital copies of your work

    iii. Professional Portfolio

    iv. A Broadened Mind!