Spend your Summer at the Studio
June 12-17, 2016

The Studio is unlike any other summer camp. It’s where techies, artists, gurus and imaginers of all kinds come together to learn, create and innovate. And it’s where your ideas will come to life.

Designed for high school students who want to explore their technical and artistic interests, the Studio at Sullivan College of Technology and Design (SCTD) runs on imagination, creation and innovation. Choose between five different tracks—computer forensics, graphic design, robotics, interior design or web development—and spend the week refining your skills, channeling your creativity and discovering new possibilities, all under the guidance of SCTD’s highly qualified and experienced instructors. Field trips will offer you a rare, behind-the-scenes look into the area’s most successful tech and design businesses, while creative collaborations will challenge you to work with other students to turn a vision into a reality.

Whether you’re tech savvy, artistic or a little of both, the Studio is the place for you.

Location & Contact

3901 Atkinson Square Drive
Louisville, KY 40218

Campus: 502.456.6509
Toll Free: 866.964.7053

Heather Cunningham: hcunningham@SCTD.EDU